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Welcome To English Gone Wild!
“Hi there. Thanks for dropping by.
Believe it or not we are business girls, and our business is to make learning English a more pleasant experience for you. That’s why we made this movie.

We are here to entertain you, and to help you improve your listening skills at the same time. PLUS, we have provided many other FREE lessons to provide an all-around, superior learning experience.

We guarantee it!

So come along and join us for an adventure you can enjoy over and over - an adventure that you will never forget.”

Bonny & Kate


P.S. Each episode comes with a complete script so you can follow the conversations, especially during the tough spots. However, we suggest you watch each episode several times before using the script or starting the exercises. This method should help you SHARPEN YOUR LISTENING SKILLS.

Please note: These videos do not come with English sub-titles.



English Gone Wild

The Adventures Of Bonny & Kate

*Note: This 1 hour movie has been divided into 5 episodes for your viewing pleasure


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