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Student Testimonials

Molti degli studenti a cui abbiamo chiesto di esprimere un loro giudizio, considerano il metodo di studio adottato da EnglishLive.ca uno dei metodi pił efficaci tra quelli esistenti. Ecco alcune testimonianze:

  • "My private lessons were very helpful. I learned a lot more at englishlive than in my regular school classes…interesting too." Javier(Spain)

  • "Time goes by so fast…I can't believe. My instructor was funny and friendly. And I had a nice classmate." Masumi(Japan)

  • "GREAT CLASSES! Thank you englishlive" Jorge(Mexico)

  • "The best way to learn English is to speak it with a person who doesn't speak a word of your own language!" Jlenia(Italy)

  • "I want to take more classes. I learned about computers too so I am more confident." Yoshiho(Japan)

  • "Amazing... We went to many different sites and practice a lot of listening…music and watched videos. Try these lessons it will help you." Min Ah(Korea)

  • "I really recommend englishlive." Mohammed(Jordan)

  • "many conversation ..more than any real school". Won Jong(Korea)

  • "I like these classes. Very interesting and different than other schools." Griselda(Mexico)

  • "I wish I could take more lessons".i'm sad". Rebecca(Taiwan)

  • "This is nice way to learn English". Tomoko(Japan)

  • "I was surprised. This method of learning is good". Roberto(Italy)

  • "I'm telling my friends about englishlive.ca" Bernard(Switzerland)

  • "Take these classes. You learn lots". Min Ho(Korea)

  • "I like seeing movie videos the best. Interesting and chat a lot". Ai(Japan)

  • "Good quality and good instructors". Daniel(Brazil)


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